Have you ever unrolled your kitchen wrap, be it plastic, tin, parchment or otherwise, and had the roll jump out of the box, only to create a mess of unsalvageable wrapping material on your countertop? In case you couldn't tell, I've totally been there, done that Luckily, Lori recently enlightened me as to how she learned to contain the roll within the box. See below how to tuck in the perforated wings on the ends of the box to secure the roll in place!

How cool is that? It has to be on a million life hack blogs or those online compilations of "you'll never know what this is for!" but I hadn't come across it before.

How many other hidden flaps and foldable solutions are there in our kitchen that we don't know are there to make our lives easier?! If it weren't for these two magical cardboard tabs, I would have gone through the rest of my life chasing loose rolls of plastic wrap across my kitchen counters!

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