The first day of Cans For a Cure, our breast cancer fundraiser, was full of emotion when 10-year-old Bryce and his brother Riley asked Lori to do something for them that brought her to tears. 

Bryce and Riley Deshaies from Parsonsfiled arrived at Cans for a Cure this year with a lot of empties, like they have since Bryce was just 3-years-old. This time however, they upped their game and filled an entire tractor trailer and dump truck with cans.

Attached to the side of trailer was a giant Cans for a Cure banner that had names written on it of family and friends who have been affected by breast cancer or had lost their battle, including the kids' great grandmother.

What instantly floored Lori and brought her to tears is when Bryce asked if she would write her mother's name on the banner. Lucy Voornas lost her battle with breast cancer in 2014.

We can't thank Bryce and Riley enough for their HUGE donation to Cans for a Cure. It's a tradition for them and we can't wait to see how many trucks they load up next year!