There's a lot going on in Westbrook and a lot is going on with their Christmas tree too!

It appears that there is no gray area when it comes to the Westbrook Christmas tree in the center of town on Main Street.


You either think it's fantastic or you think it's a joke. I'm not sure where I fall with this. I appreciate Westbrook's great lights. From the street lamps to the park, to Main Street. But I'm also a traditionalist who loves a good ol' fashion Christmas tree.

I invite you to watch the Westbrook tree for a bit and come to your conclusion before I share mine.

I find the tree mesmerizing...but to me, it's more Vegas than Christmas. I enjoy it because I really love lights and it's one of my favorite parts of the season...but that said, I also love a good tree. I LOVE the Portland Christmas tree this year. They went all white (they have in years past done colorful AND even the dripping lights that move). Plus they have a webcam so you can watch it live any time you want.

To me, the Portland tree says Christmas, while the Westbrook tree says, va va voom! Some think that the Westbrook tree looks like a lava lamp. I can see that. And again, it's very mesmerizing. I pulled over on the side of the road and watched for a bit. The only reason I left is that I was partially blocking a bank drive-in. Otherwise, I could have watched it longer...

So which side of the holiday controversy do you fall on? Are you a fan or foe of the tree in Westbrook?

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