Wessie the Snake is turning out to be Westbrook's own Lochness Monster! Now there  is a song...'The Wessie Song'. 

Drivetrain Productions has put out a new song...'The Wessie Song'. They describe it as:

In June 2016, a large snake was sighted around the city
of Westbrook, Maine, causing general mayhem among
the citizenry, not to mention the local beaver population.
This is the story of Wessie the Snake...

Lyrics are also included...

Want to sing along? Here are the lyrics!

Now here’s a little tale I’d like to relate
It is the true story of the Westbrook snake
She used to reside in my aquarium
But now she escaped, causing delirium

Wessie is thick and Wessie is long
But actually about average for a Burmese Python
Upon fuzzy mammals she likes to bite
And if you see her, she may give you a fright

Wessie, Wessie
Please come home to me
I’ve got a bunch of mice waiting here for thee
Wessie Wessie
I’m wearing this old frown
Please stop eating beavers round town

Down by the river, Wessie likes to go
Down in the reeds, she creeps real slow
Looking for beavers and sometimes woodchuck
She’s looking to eat and she don’t give a…

Wessie, Wessie
Please come home to me
I’ll find you a meal that is quite furry
Wessie Wessie
You know I'm feelin' down
Please stop eating beavers round town



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