Surprise! Open your car door in your driveway and there's a snake! I almost stepped on it!


Sure, it's just a little garter snake - but a snake is a snake is a snake. This snake, who surprised me when I got home, was not all that interested in moving from under my car. I was trying to get it to grass when it decided my tire looked a lot better.


That's when I decided that I needed a little room from the snake, and a broom wouldn't hurt it. I think some in the neighborhood thought I was gonna beat it to death. Nope, just wanted to get it from finding a home in my car so that I wouldn't accidentally kill it when I drove to work. It took some coaxing, but I finally did it.


I thought it was kinda neat how slow and hard it was for the snake to move across my driveway, but as soon as it hit the grass - it was speedy! Hope he found a nice home away from my car.

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