There are a couple of things any of you would-be criminals might want to keep in mind if you plan to break into someone's car. First, it's 2022. There are cameras everywhere. Second, don't wear anything that can easily identify you, like a Super Mario hoodie.

The Westbrook Police Department released a photo of a man wearing a ball cap and a hoodie with the Super Mario logo on it. It was captured from one of those cameras I just mentioned that are everywhere because it's not 1982 anymore.

Whoever is behind the posts for the Westbrook Police Department's Facebook page can see the humor in this as well because they say in describing the suspect that he's wearing a "pretty distinctive Super Mario sweatshirt" and that "we are quite confident that the real Mario and his counterparts Luigi and Yoshi would not approve of this behavior." Truth. In fact, if Yoshi got a hold of this guy he'd probably swallow him whole as fast as a Goomba.

It's a little tough to see the sweatshirt in detail from the photo on Facebook so I embiggened it for you.

Before you go telling me that embiggen isn't a word, let me link you to the Meriam Webster Dictionary which lists the definition of embiggen as "to make bigger or more expansive."

The Simpsons made it so in Season 7 Episode 16: "Lisa the Iconoclast."

Anyway, back to the embiggened photo of Super Mario dude.

Westbrook Police Department via Facebook
Westbrook Police Department via Facebook

If you have any information about who the man is in the Super Mario hoodie, the Westbrook Police would love to talk to you.

Contact them at 207-854-0644, leave an anonymous tip at 207-591-8117, send a message to them on Facebook messenger, or email Detective Stackpole at

And now, watch a guy finish the original Super Mario Bros. in 4:56 seconds. This is real geek stuff here.

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