Lil Nas X in Boston

This past Sunday night, the Fenway area of Boston was lit up with a live performance by rapper (and Q artist) Lil Nas X. The show took place inside Boston's newest music venue, MGM Music Hall at Fenway, located on Lansdowne Street. If you've never been (and it's so new that you probably haven't), get to a show there ASAP. According to long-time record label representative for the northeast, Andrew Govatsos,

Best venue on the East Coast, if not the entire country.

Tickets for Lil Nas X's Long Live Montero tour on Sunday night were sold out for a while, and from all accounts, he put on one hell of a show.

Protesters Outside of Lil Nas X's Show

The entertainment wasn't only happening inside of MGM Music Hall at Fenway that night though, as protesters reportedly gathered outside of the venue to criticize the rapper (who is open and unapologetically -- as he should be -- gay) on his views and flamboyance.

According to, Lil Nas X caught wind of this based on videos floating around social media of the protesters, and decided to fight their hate with his love -- and the human love of pizza in general. After what seemed like a joke about sending one of his team members to deliver pizza to the group, video surfaced of a member of his team actually delivering the goods.

On top of that, Lil Nas X joked (or maybe he was actually serious, who knows) that even though the group were protesting against everything that Lil Nas X stands for, he actually fell in love with one of the haters at first glance.

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