Anna Watson Schwartz thought what we all thought, that Dr. Nirav Shah is awesome.

NewsCenter Maine spoke with Anna about why a t-shirt for the director of the Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Dr. Nirav Shah.

Here's what she had to say below:

I found myself watching Dr. Shah and really found him articulate, calming, and got the idea to put together a T-shirt to honor him. He's kind of like a rockstar. He's a public health rockstar, and I think that we are very very fortunate in the state of Maine to have him as our CDC leader.


She also wanted to do some good with the proceeds, so 100% of the sale of these t-shirts is going to the Good Shepard Food Bank.

She started the project on Thursday and put a link on a Facebook post.

You can get shirts, stickers, mugs, and tote bags that say 'In Dr, Nirav Shah we trust.'

It was a hit and she sold almost 90 products in just the first 24 hours raising just under $300. As of Sunday morning she had raised 2,800 for the Good Shepard Foodbank!



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