Weekends and holidays will now be free for Lauren.

After 4 years in Portland on WGME, Lauren Healy is not only saying goodbye to WGME13, but to TV news. She announced on her Facebook page that she's hanging up the mic for something new.

Lauren Healy Facebook
Lauren Healy Facebook

Lauren said that ever since she was in high school student in her communication class, she wanted to work in television news. She made it happen. She told important stories that impacted the community. From homecomings, historic flooding, the passing of our 41st President and everything in between. She even had a fangirl moment when she did a live shot in front of that big Westbrook ice disk. CBS’s David Begnaud wished her a happy birthday on the air.

She even did a story about an 80-year-old man who delivered dog treats to all the dogs in his neighborhood on his scooter.

She even shucked clams at this year's Yarmouth Clam Festival.

If you do TV news (and radio for that matter) you will at some point do something embarrassing. She's had the hiccups and joking about the story of someone dumping used adult diapers on the side of the road. But it's time for a change. As she says,

Life’s pretty short after all to not take that chance.

She's been working at @EthosVont as a PR Influencer Marketing Manager. She still gets to tell stories, just not in front of a camera. And she gets to stay in Maine. A state she is in love with. She is bummed that her dad won't get to see her on TV. But dad, and the rest of us, we've got until Labor Day...her last day. She ended her post thankful...

I’m forever grateful.

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