Mega-star Anna Kendrick is from Portland, Maine. She started out doing all the things typical Maine kids do, like attending the downtown Portland YMCA after school, having sleepovers with her friends on the weekends, and participating in extracurricular activities that would set her up for success in her future endeavors.

One of Anna Kendrick's extracurricular activities was performing in an all girls choir called Musica de Filia in the late-90s. WGME CBS News 13 in Portland dug through their archives and found a story about this all-girls choir, featuring a soundbite from Anna Kendrick.

Anna shared her thoughts on why the choir was better off without boys. Judging by her painful retellings of interactions with the male species in her new autobiography Scrappy Little Nobody, things haven't changed.

A teenaged Anna Kendrick explained:

If you add boys into the mix, they all start showing off and things just get really crazy.

Anna Kendrick will be in South Portland on Wednesday, November 23rd for a sold out book signing at Books-a-Million.

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