Anna Kendrick was on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert when Colbert, asked about a picture of her and Obama - he was doubled over laughing...


Buzzfeed reports that Anna was early to an event back in 2012, and was chatting with a Secret Service member. He was also from Maine, just like Anna.


Then Obama shows up, chats about the economy and and the 2012 campaign. He notices Anna in the audience and points out that 'Up in the Air' was one of his favorite movies (she's in that) and says the movie talked about the economy and recession.

Later that night, the two meet up. Obama says that he hopes he didn't embarrass her by pointing her out. That's when Anna says,

Yeah, you're such an asshole.

But it went on. When Obama asked if she was early because she's from Maine and people in Maine are punctual, she said,

You didn't know that? You're the president.



She called the President an a------ AND scolded him for not knowing enough about Maine. And yes, she was invited to other events he was at, because Obama is just that cool.





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