As though the item listed on Maine's craigslist wasn't bizarre enough, the seller apologized for listing them as free when they are in-fact for sale....ok!

You won't hear much argument that there's a lot of crap to be had in the For Sale section of Maine's craigslist. But on any rainy (or snowy) day, you could very easily get lost inside the Free section and find some terrifically interesting items. That includes this item out of China, Maine that was initially listed as free but then taken back by the seller; GOAT SKULLS.

By the way, a quick Google search "what do you use goat skulls for" resulted in one predominant answer; not much. Collectors like them, artists perhaps or maybe a random college kid looking to make a cool new device for his prescribed marijuana. One thing is for certain, there's no clear cut "use" for goat skulls, at least according to the internet.

Obviously one last oversight from the apologetic seller on Craigslist is this; if the goat skulls aren't free, HOW MUCH ARE THEY? Is this like an auction where the highest bidder gets the treasure or is it more like a garage seller where we start at 10 bucks and I talk you down to 2. So many questions.

Either way, now you know of a random and bizarre item on Maine's craigslist in case you're shopping for someone who has EVERYTHING. The guess here is that they don't have goat skulls. Get on it.

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