There were actual sunny spots this 3 day weekend. Jen, the kids and I tried to take advantage of all of them! Can you guess where this flag is? I'll give you a hint - it's food!

Here's another hint:

Fat Boys

Our first visit of the season and certainly not our last. If you have not been to Fat Boys, it's a hamburger joint in the best sense of the word up in Brunswick. It's been there since 1955 and you roll up in your car, turn on your lights, they take your order, bring out your food and HOOK IT TO YOUR ROLLED DOWN WINDOW! How cool is that?

After some delicious food, we headed to Popham Beach in Phippsburg. I have done this combo many times in the past, and every time I think it's just 20 minutes up the road. It's another 45 from Brunswick! Got up to the beach, on a gorgeous sunny day and it was probably a good 4 degrees out.

Popham Beach

Soooo pretty at low tide. At this point I couldn't feel my arms. I had a sweater on, a shirt under that and a puffy vest. I was dressed like it was June! And as we all know - it's May!

See the children and Jen? Can you see the coats they are wearing?

Jen and the kids at Popham

That wind! But was very lovely and when I could muster up the courage, I would bend and pick up a shell here and there. The kids thought it was fabulous!

We got home late and slept like we'd eaten and played at a freezing beach all day!

Then it was grilling time! I have been obsessing about grilling all week! It's all I've wanted to do - hamburgers, chicken and hot dogs. I had the menu all planned in my head!

I couldn't wait to hear the sizzle of that grill...but before that I had to uncover it. What the hell is that?

giant slug on grill

No. Not poop. Here, look closer.

close up of giant slug on grill

Oh serious ick! That's a slug! Oh dear God. Here's the good thing, it was on the back of my I didn't have to actually see it. I went about my business and pretended I didn't see it. Plus, I bet that grill was a tad hot.

Here's how hot!

I made chicken, hot dogs (an idiot can grill a dog) and burgers. It was all fabulous. I made a pasta salad with orzo (rice shaped pasta) and a bunch of roasted veggies. It just seemed like summer.

The topper was the Falmouth Memorial Day parade on Monday. A-door-a-bull! It started with a bunch of mint condition old cars with even older drivers and vets. It was really neat. And then Chloe, the 8 (almost 9) year old girl scout was in the parade!  She's holding the banner with the yellow dress:

See the crazy lady with the video recorder?  Yup...Jen. Proud mom.  The kids got a ton of candy and a lesson about what Memorial Day is and why we celebrate it. When asked why we have Memorial Day, one of the 6 year old boys said, "For the civil war soldiers."

How sweet. We let him know it's for all wars, and all soldiers and all those that have fought and continue to fight for our freedom. I think they got it, but I'm also convinced they enjoyed the parade because there was candy thrown! Hey, you pick your battles....

Overall, a lovely three day weekend. Hope yours was too!

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