We've recently planets some flowers and vegetables around our house and my girlfriend Michele was very excited that the yard now had some color and a new box to grow vegetables in. She couldn't have been happier. But a week later she went out one morning to discover that we had a visitor.

Something had eaten the flowers she had planted toward the back corner of the yard. Those flowers weren't cheap either so it had us wondering what animal had been there and eaten them. Turns out it was two different animals.

I had a pretty good idea what the first one was. You may remember the picture I shared of a deer in my front yard that thanks to the autofocus on my phone and the window screen, just showed a big blur.

Townsquare Media - Jeff Parsons

It was a doe and it was out in bright daylight, near a road where cars go faster than they should and yet nothing seemed to spook it until it saw me. But around 7 p.m. on Monday

Townsquare Media - Michele Mullen

Seriously, this deer just doesn't care. She even showed up on Brittany's lawn who lives not far from me. Well, I assume it was the same doe since we're that close.

Sure enough, we watched as the doe slowly walked over to the plants and took a few more bites out of her personal salad. But not more than 30 minutes later after she wandered off, someone else showed up in the yard and decided that they would have a little snack too. A skunk! Also in broad daylight, which we've never seen here. The video below shows both the doe and the skunk hanging out in our backyard before they decided to go eat plants.

These two seem like they got together and became the best of friends, a little like a scene from Bambi. You remember Flower right?

Well Flower and Bambi may be cute, but our real-life Flower and Bambi have to be dealt with. Don't worry. It'll be perfectly humane. I just need to get a bar of soap.

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