I saw this great sign driving up Forest Avenue n Portland yesterday.



In light of the events in Minnesota this week, seeing this sign warmed my heart.  Portland's diversity is what makes it such a world-class city. And it got me wondering.

What Is The Most Diverse Neighborhood in Portland?

According to the 2010 US Census, East Bayside is the most diverse part of the city. It is 60% White, 21% Black, 6% Hispanic, 8% Asian, 1% Native American, and 4% Multiracial. West Bayside, Riverton, Libbytown, the West End, and East Deering are the next most diverse neighborhoods and certainly much more diverse than the rest of Maine, which is 95% white.

East Bayside has become such a cool place to live and visit. Shopping, drinking, dining, and the arts. East Bayside has it all, and it really is one of the coolest neighborhoods in all of Maine.


Google Maps
Google Maps

Here are the most diverse cities in Maine, according to Census data, that the folks at HomeSnacks have crunched for us.

What Are The Most Diverse Cities In Maine? 

1) Portland

2) Lewiston

3) South Portland

4) Westbrook

5) Bangor

7) Auburn

8) Presque Isle

9) Waterville

10) Old Town



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