One of my favorite apps on my phone is Shazam. Chances are you've heard of it, and have it on your own phone. If you don't, you should get it. It's a free download in your app store. Basically, it's a song identifier. So if you're out and about somewhere and you hear a song and want to know the artist and title of it, simply open your Shazam app...and within a couple of seconds, it will give you that information. I use it a lot if I 'm watching a movie or a TV show, a song starts playing, and I just need to know who it is.

Here at the radio station, we use Shazam in a different way. Shazam publishes charts, that shows which songs are being Shazamed the most, and it's broken down by city or region. This is just one of several metrics we use in determining what songs people in the local area are interested in the most, and it helps us decide what to play. It's interesting to compare what songs are the same on the Portland chart, compared to the entire country. For example, the new Ed Sheeran/Justin Bieber song "I Don't Care" is the most Shazamed in both Portland, and the entire country. And Lil' Nas X "Old Town Road" is #2 here, and #3 nationwide. But the differences are what's most interesting to me. Jonas Brothers "Sucker" is #10 in Portland, but #21 across the country. Could that mean people here like them more than the rest of the country? On the other hand, a song by A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie called "Look Back At It" is #7 most Shazamed in the country, but not even on the top 50 in Portland.

Here are the top ten Shazamed songs, in the U.S. and Portland, from the last seven days:


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