Something weird happened last night in the Farmingdale/Gardiner area around 10PM that has got residents buzzing.

According to WCSH 6, people heard something making the ground shake and windows rattle in a wide area around Gardiner and Farmingdale. No earthquake has been reported and police and fire departments have not commented on the reports. CMP however reported 3700 outages in the area shortly after the rumbling.

There are a lot of theories on social media about what the mysterious rumble was. Some think it was some type of explosion while others think it was some sort of sonic boom. Aliens? Government cover up? Earthquake? For now we still don't know officially what happened, but one person on Facebook has it figured out.

Did you hear and feel a weird rumbling last night? Did you lose power? Let us know what you experienced in the comments below or on Facebook.

UPDATE: According to WGME 13, the rumble was caused by two propane catching fire at an industrial park in Pittsfield. No injuries were reported. Pittsfield is over 40 miles away Gardiner/Farmingdale where people reported hearing the noise which makes us wonder if these two incidents are actually connected, especially since the tanks didn't explode. Hmmmmm.

The power outages coincidently happened at the same time from an unrelated fire at a substation. Could this be related to the noise heard in the Gardiner area?

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