just found the word that's disproportionately popular on people's resumes in each state.  Some of the best ones are "redneck" in Missouri, "Harry Potter" in Rhode Island and "Kardashian" in North Carolina. What's Maine's?

The career website Zippia just analyzed more than 3.5 million resumes to figure out what word is disproportionately popular on people's resumes in each state.

Some of them make perfect sense.  Like, "Ford" is more popular in Michigan than anywhere else,  "poker" is biggest in Nevada, and "Coca-Cola" is number one in Georgia, since that's their headquarters.

But some are just plain weird. "Batman" in Oklahoma, "ghosts" in Maryland,  "Harry Potter" in Rhode Island, "anime" in Massachusetts, "Bigfoot" in New Hampshire, "Superman" in Pennsylvania and "Warcraft" in Nebraska. What the what?

But no one can touch North Carolina, where the most disproportionately popular word on resumes is . . . "Kardashian." Winner, winner chicken dinner.

For Maine...the word is:


Mmm....interesting. Not really weird, but doesn't really make sense either. Thank God, (knock on wood) I haven't had to update a resume in a few years...