Loosening the reigns a bit? Want to know where to go for a memorable treat? Put Cornish in your GPS.


Head to Fairgounds Pizza and Pub in Cornish! This amazing place is owned by Greeks. Any time you have Greeks involved there are two things that will always be prevalent: Good food and hard work! Need some lobster? Pair an amazing lobster roll with some tots!

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Not what you are in the mood for? Going for a lighter fare? On a diet? Then go someplace else, because if you are treating yourself, then you need the bacon mac and cheese fries! It's for my new carb diet - I eat as many carbs as possible!

Fairgrounds Pizza and Pub Facebook


The one thing quarantine has taught us is to really enjoy life. The things we used to take for granted, are appreciated so much more. Enjoy the ride to Cornish, Maine and give the gang here a big Yassou!



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