I was SO excited when my 'realistic cat Bella' came in the mail!



Mmmm...seems kinda small. But no worries! I'm sure it's just as amazing as they said on Facebook. Should I be concerned that I can't find the Facebook post that shows just how amazing this cat is? Nahhhhh. Drum roll please! And here she is!


What the hell is that? That's NOTHING like the website!


I'm an idiot. Do you know how much this cost? 35 dollars with shipping!!


Wanna know what this stupid cat is supposed to have?

-Made of german synthetic fur ( Steiff Schulte ), soft and comfortable
-Glass eyes
-5 cotter pin joints. The head and claws rotate and can be placed in any shape
-Toned with oil paints, with vivid colors
-Stuffed with fiberfill and mineral granulate, the body is plump
-The nose and paw pads are made of polymer clay and are set in pastels
-Soft ears

NO! NO TO ALL OF IT! Look at this hard cat that does not move! I've won better crap at the Yarmouth Clam Festival carnival games!


What is the matter with me? Why do I believe the internet? Upon further inspection - I think they actually used a REAL KITTEN as a picture of what this stupid 'toy' is supposed to look like!!


When will I learn? I am a complete dummy!



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