This note was left on Sarah Fitzgerald's boyfriend's windshield recently. Let's just say that this person should have done a little more investigating before calling on Karma.

Sarah and her boyfriend were at the Edward Little graduation at the Androscoggin Colisee (which does not have van accessible parking spots). Her boyfriend is a quadriplegic and has a special seat in his truck to allow him to be independent, but it requires a van accessible spot. If he can't find one, well...he has to get creative.

It gets very frustrating when they go to places and others make comments, not realizing the struggles he goes through daily.

Sarah goes on to say, 'I feel sorry for this person who could not take the time to see that it is an accessible vehicle that needs more room (like a van with a ramp)...we all know what happens when you assume...well, they just made an ass out of themselves!'

Sorry Sarah you and your boyfriend had to deal with someone who thought they knew everything in the world and was spreading their wisdom.

I too hope that karma does it's job!


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