Am I loosing it? When I got these, I actually had to ask what it was. Then I felt like a dummy.

While in Boston taking the T everywhere, I bought a card with cash (usually I used my credit card) and this is what spit out as change:

I literally asked the guy next to me, 'Is this money?'. I thought it was spitting out weird subway tokens. Nope, these are gold one dollar coins.

I know about the silver dollars, the Susan B. Anthony Dollars, even the Sacagawea dollar...but I had to look up what these were. They are presidential dollar coins started in 2007. There's a mistake in the mint and some don't have the words 'In God We Trust'. They have been known as the 'Godless coin'. They stopped in 2011 because of money. I know the irony is thick. 

The good news is that it's money, the bad news is...should I spend it or save it?