So we know that Falmouth is the snobbiest place in Maine, but what's the happiest? Is it the same? No it is not.

According to the website Zippia, the happiest place in Maine is...




Now, here's the interesting part - does the list of '10 Snobbiest Places in Maine' jive with the list of '10 Happiest Places in Maine'?

Only 2 places are on both lists. Coming in first for happy was Kennebunkport, and that was the 3rd snobbiest place. And Yarmouth, which was the third happiest place in Maine, was the 6th snobbiest! Other than that, no cross over.

Rounding out the top 5 happiest places in Maine: Topsham, Yarmouth, Brewer and Caribou. Yes...Caribou. Happy people way the hell up there.

Do you live in one of Maine's happiest places? Are you happy? Cuz I live in Falmouth, Maine's snobbiest city, and I don't feel all that snobby!