Police departments around the country haven't always been on the best of terms with citizens for the last handful of years. It's truly been a wild ride and what the media tosses out to the public most is all the negativity (for any topic, really.)

Which makes any police officer or entire department showing this much personality and humor that much better.

Evan Leith / Whitman Police Department via Facebook
Evan Leith / Whitman Police Department via Facebook

State License Plates

No doubt we've all seen some type of hilarious license plate while driving anywhere in New England.

There are the plates that are literally just numbers and letters drawn on a piece of cardboard with a Sharpie and shoved into the license plate holder of a vehicle (which I've seen a ton of mostly in Mass and New Hampshire.)

There are also the iconic and uncensored Maine vanity plates that can range from a riddle to figure out to just straight out spelling the F-bomb, with the occasional body part or rated X message to someone's mother sprinkled in between.

But what one Mass resident did was pretty clever. Clever enough to get some props from the Whitman Police Department, but not clever enough to avoid having to pay a fine, unfortunately.

Whitman, Massachusetts Police

The Whitman Police Department page on Facebook uploaded the above picture to their feed in January, giving an A+ for effort to this driver who clearly failed to update their registration for 2023 at the RMV/DMV and instead got artistic to try and stay "street legal."

Because for 2023, the sticker that goes in the upper right corner on Massachusetts license plates to indicate an updated registration for the year is colored green. So, the driver decided to bust out a green marker and color in the sticker part of the plate, then write the year on top.

Again, killer effort. I mean, most drivers would've just rolled the dice and kept their old registration sticker on there. And while the Whitman PD gave credit where it's clearly due, based on their post, it looks like they still gave the driver a citation.

Most of the commenters on the post said if it's good enough to be an A+ for effort, it should've been good enough for just a warning. Do you agree or was giving a citation the right way to go?

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