It's not every day that you see pigs roaming around the Eastern Prom in of course, I asked why.


Well, it appears that these were imported pigs from the great state of Alabama!



These are two high school seniors from Alabama who were doing a senior project (read: TikTok). They were deflating when I stopped by. I had to walk quite a distance to get to where they were. They inflated again quickly just for me and posed for this picture. They didn't say much about the project as they were probably pretty freaked out that some weirdo was asking about their pig outfits. They couldn't have been more polite though. I've always heard good things about pigs.

The Eastern Prom was packed this weekend and there were an awful lot of imported people. Sure the Mainers were sprinkled about, but a lot of folks were from out of town.

If they were as nice as these two pigs, Abigail and Caroline, then it's gonna be a fun summer.

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