The Associated Press is reporting that influenza is still very much a problem as we begin to head in to the warmer months here in Maine.

According to the article, The Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention says five people died from the flu in just the last week, bringing the season total to nearly 30 in the state so far this season.

The Maine CDC released their weekly surveillance report on Tuesday classifying influenza as “widespread” throughout the state. Reporting that just last week there were 775 positive tests for the flu and 88 new hospitalizations. That number is way down from flu related deaths in Maine last year, when we saw one of the deadliest flu seasons in five years, according to the story.

Last year there were more than 9,000 confirmed cases reported and 82 deaths. But there is a light at the end of the tunnel. We call it the sun, and the tunnel was winter which is mostly behind us now so let's all get healthy and enjoy the best seasons in Maine.


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