We Mainers may be all about the seafood but something else we don’t take lightly is a good slab of steak. Even though we lived at least two hours away from Hilltop Steakhouse in Massachusetts, we made the trek more often than we’d like to admit just to eat top-quality meat.

Sure, lots of places offer steak on their menus, but few places take the time, care, passion and love it takes to create a beloved steakhouse focused on its delicacy.

A new spot just opened up in York, Maine, and given the owners’ Australian background and culinary experience, I’d stay the passion and care it takes to create a beloved steakhouse runs in his blood.

Nick’s Steakhouse in York, Maine

A new steakhouse opened in Southern Maine at the end of July focusing on our state’s love of a top-quality culinary experience. Whether a restaurant is fancy schmancy or a hole-in-the-wall, we Mainers will pick up the menu as long as the food is good.

The spot offers a diverse menu with unique specials and you’ll find many yummy options like crab cocktail, tuna tartar, steaks a la carte, seabass, cauliflower steak, scallops, lobster mac n cheese, and way, way more.

Nick's Steakhouse via Facebook

Nick’s Steakhouse is, “modern fine dining with a personal touch.” Indoors, you will find beautiful lighting with elegant furniture and white tablecloths, and a bar wall featuring more than 100 bourbons.

Nick's Steakhouse via Facebook

And outdoors you will be welcomed by two patios with firepits and cocktail tables.

So far, the spot has many positive comments on its social media pages, and reviews boast wonderful times, a good environment, and great food. Soft openings to test out the service and menu created a beautiful new restaurant with high-quality food and service.

Good Luck to Nick’s Steakhouse

The restaurant recently posted on Facebook a photo of a horseshoe hanging behind the bar. What looks to be a cute decoration has a bigger meaning.

Nick's Steakhouse via Facebook

The post shares that on the first day of demolition, the very first shovel to touch the ground hit this very horseshoe that was buried in the dirt. Typically a sign of good luck and fortune, they kept the memento and hung it with pride as an omen of good things to come. The building used to be allegedly haunted, so this is their way of banishing any cursed beliefs and, “capturing every good spirit that every guest brings.”

We wish you all the luck, Nick’s Steakhouse!

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