Okay, this may be the dumbest thing you read all day. According to WMTW, there's a proposal in the Maine Statehouse to remove the"vacationland" slogan on Maine license plates (which has been the default since the 1930s, according to Wikipedia). In its place, the recently-invented word "staycation" would appear, a word we all know to mean a vacation that takes place at your home.


This is stupid. The whole reason it's called vacationland is because the number of people who choose to visit vastly outnumber the number of Maine locals. Over 35 million tourists visit Maine each year, a state inhabited by only 1.3 million people year round. Yes, we who live and work here also enjoy staycations, but that's not what defines our state. A lot of people take staycations near their home, and our state is famous for its tourism.

Plus, it seems pretty braggy to have 'staycation' on our license plates. it's as if we're saying, "Not only are we aware that YOU people love coming to Maine, but WE also refuse to visit anywhere else." I mean, people. Is that how we want to present ourselves to the world?



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