You'll be the hit of the neighborhood (if you aren't already) when you take home this delicious prize package! 

Credit: Getty Images
Credit: Getty Images

Q97.9 is teaming up with Kayem Foods to take your backyard grilling experience to a whole new level! We're looking to set up a Q Summer Super Fan with some goodies that will no doubt make the season very memorable....

"Box O Meat" from Kayem Foods:
Kayem Pork and Beef Franks in a 1.25 LB Pouch
Kayem Beef Franks in a 1 LB Pouch
Kayem 12oz NC Franks
Kayem 14oz Beef Franks
Kayem 14oz Polish Kielbasa
Kayem Angus Beef Patties

Kayem Foods Grill Tool Set
A new gas grill from Lowe's
New England Barbecue Set from Stonewall Kitchen

You take grilling seriously - so when you're grilling, only use the best: Kayem Franks

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