When Susie and Anthony Ciccarelli bought their condo in Windham back in July, it was a brand new experience for them as first time home buyers. Imagine how they felt when they discovered the sellers had scammed them when their furnace broke down..

When the Ciccarelli's bought the home, the MLS showed the furnace had been serviced recently, but the only paperwork left for them in the home was dated 2015. So they asked the sellers for the latest service record which the sellers left for them posted next to the furnace.

Just this week the furnace broke down, so they called the company on the service record. When the service technician arrived, he noticed that the copy of the work order left for the Ciccarelli's by the seller had been cut off at the bottom. The technician had a copy of the original order, which included a recommendation that the entire unit be replaced, which was noted on the part that had been cut off of the sellers copy of the work order.

Susie Ciccarelli
Susie Ciccarelli

In addition to that, the technician said that the tags he left on the furnace after servicing were gone as well and that they couldn't have known and an inspector likely wouldn't have noticed either.

Susie said in a post on her Facebook account, "We were robbed of our choice to make an informed decision because we were deceived by this couple. As first time home buyers that have never had a furnace to service before, we sadly took the bait."

The Ciccarelli's hope that by sharing their story they can prevent someone else for falling for the con job that they went through.


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