Let's face it, winter can be a b&*%$ sometimes. Here are some fun winter hacks to help you get through it all...


Some of these I knew...but some I had never heard of before. Thank you Weather Channel.


  • Spray your shovel with cooking spray so the snow doesn't stick. Nothing is more frustrating than chucking a shovel full of snow and it is still there when you go back for more!
  • To avoid dry skin, take shorter lukewarm showers. No can do. I'll just double the lotion application.
  • Ceiling fans work counterclockwise in the summer. in the winter, move the switch to clockwise and PUSH the warm air down. Run it on low...
  • If your car gets stuck, kitty litter or a floor mat can get you on your way
  • Frozen ice on a door handle can be melted away with hand sanitizer
  • To keep your keyhole from freezing, give it a spray of WD-40


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