Typically when people think of TikTok they think of Gen Z. Then they think about how millennials got bored during COVID lockdowns and hopped aboard the social media app. (Yours truly is guilty as charged.)

Seeing seniors on Facebook has increased in popularity in recent years, but in comparison, Facebook is a much easier beast to figure out than TikTok. Even at 30, it took me a while to get the flow of TikTok, the For You Page, and using music and effects.

User @carrie.1965 who introduces herself as "Nana" decided to join the app and she is absolutely killing it, to say the least.

She joined last summer as a way to keep up with her grandkids.

Nana popped up on my For You Page months ago with her heartbreaking story of childhood trauma and inspirational message of overcoming the pain of the past. She tells her stories just like any kind, sweet, gentle Nana would. I just had to follow her.

It wasn't until recently that I realized Nana is a Mainer holding down the fort in northern Maine in the small town of Easton which neighbors Presque Isle.

Nana is so popular she has racked up almost 350k followers and is even being sent PR packages!

Nana isn't shy to hop on trends either. I dare you to watch and not fall in love with her.

There are a handful of videos that have millions of views!

Keep rocking it, Nana! We love you! You are beautiful inside and out. Thanks for being our TikTok Nana and representing Maine!

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