The talented kids behind Got Buckets at Gorham High School decided to remind young people to social distance.


With so many young people gathering in large groups, these Gorham High School seniors decided to help remind people that the coronavirus, covid-19, is something to take seriously.

'Protect Nana' is a public service announcement produced by the kids, with the help of teacher Adam Parvanta. Adam says it was a crazy process to do it all remotely, but they were able to come up with the idea and get it done in about a week.

It's important that young people remind their peers that their actions do have consequences. The Maine Department of Education is happy for the help and they know that the best way to talk to young adults, is for other young adults to do the talking.

It's amazing that these seniors in high school took time to make this message. These are kids who will most likely miss out on proms, sports and graduation. Basically, the rest of their year. Kudos to these kids for helping.

Let's hope it helps. #ProtectNana


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