Jeffrey Maguire has protected the likes of Jay-Z and picked Houlton to be his new home.


It's a pretty interesting story behind how Jeffrey Maguire came to live in Houlton by choice. He's got a pretty cool job being a bodyguard for super powerful and influential people. He has in the past been Jay-Z's bodyguard along with Linkin Park and even the Saudi Royal Family.

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He can't tell you who is currently protecting - or he'd have to kill you. Wait, I mean, it wouldn't be professional.

The Bangor Daily News did a great story about his background and how he got into the business of protecting famous people.

He has a military background spurred by the events of September 11, 2001. Jeffery is a Jack of all trades. He is a certified emergency medical technician and a National Rifle Association-licensed firearms instructor. Thow in a black belt in Hapkido, and he knows his way around surveillance detection and evasive driving. All very useful to protecting his big clients.


But how did the Rhode Island and New York resident pick Houlton to live?  He told the Bangor Daily News,

I always had a fascination with Maine. My grandfather was an avid hunter, and he used to talk about Maine when I was growing up. I wanted to move us up a little more remote. Grand Isle, that was a little too remote for my wife, so we agreed on Houlton.

He had bought a tree farm in Grand Isle back in 2012, but that was too remote for his wife Kimberly. They have a population under 500. Pretty remote.

He's not just living in Houlton, he is also bringing jobs to Aroostook County. He runs a business called Mundbora, which makes bulletproof backpacks that can also be held like a personal shield. The bags are made in northern Aroostook County, and he's hoping to bring more jobs to the area.

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