Wolfe’s Neck Woods State Park

Maybe it’s not hidden for some of you but I somehow grew up in Maine and never heard of Wolfe’s Neck Park. As a born and raised North Yarmouth resident, I spent most of my time outside at Bradbury State Park or going for a stroll around the Mackworth Island loop.

Mackworth has my heart, don’t get me wrong, but sometimes you need a change in scenery.

I believe it was good ol’ Google who brought me to Wolfe’s Neck.

The state park is a mere five minutes from the bustling downtown of Freeport. Standing in the middle of the shopping district, you’d have no idea what natural coastal beauty awaits just a short drive away except for the salty breeze that sometimes comes through when you’re walking down the street.

Wolves Neck Trails & Water Access

When I first pulled into the parking lot, I saw tiny signs leading visitors to various trails scattered throughout the woods. I grabbed my backpack filled with journals, water, and snacks and started walking randomly through the nearest trail.

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It was a beautiful walk through the trees with patches of sunlight, happy dogs scurrying around with their owners, and fun natural steps made from rocks or fallen trees. I felt giddy strolling through, unsure of what was going to be around each corner.

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To my pleasant surprise, I found the coast! I walked for hours through the different trails and many of them boasted beautiful water views, rock ledges to sit by the sea, and even access right down to the ocean.

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I ended my jaunt with a satisfyingly freezing cold dip in the ocean. I first jumped in from the rocks on one of the trails, spent some time wading in the water, and then found a little patch of beach I had to scramble over rocks to once the tide went out a wee bit.

Days spent outside, going for a walk, or being by the ocean is food for the soul. I've been many times since and I am counting down the days until the weather permits another trip like this! If you haven't been, you'll definitely have to check it out this summer.

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