Portland police say that there were two worrying incidents in Portland this past weekend.

According to WMTW 8, one woman was attacked and other followed by someone in a car. They were both reported Sunday night and in the same area of Portland's West End.


The first was a woman who was walking alone on Thomas Street when she saw a car following her, according to the news station. She told police that he rolled down a window on the passenger side and asked for directions before asking if she wanted a ride, WMTW continued.

When she said no, he got out of his car, and hit her in the face a few times knocking her to the ground, according to the news station.

Witnesses told police that it actually looked like he was trying to drag her into his car but didn't and then drove away, WMTW reported, and it was a neighbor who called 911.

The woman is going to be okay, per WMTW, and she said the car looked like a older car, a Toyota sedan and it was light colored. She also said in the news station report that the guy was probably drunk and had an accent.

About an hour later police were called because a woman said she was walking on Brackett Street and was being followed by a gray or silver Toyota Camry with a Texas temp plate - it was paper, according to WMTW. This driver also rolled down his window and said something to her, but she ignored him and took out her cellphone, the news station added, and he allegedly turned around and did not hurt her.

Police want to make sure you are extra careful on the West End and they are investigating both reports.

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