A new movie is doing well at the box office, and it is a bit unique granted not scientifically accurate, I am talking about the film "Cocaine Bear," which is actually based on a real-life event that happened in Georgia back in 1985.

The film is about exactly what you would think, a bear that got into some cocaine and starts attacking people. Not going to lie, the film does actually look pretty good even with that simple concept.

Don't believe me?

Here's the trailer:

However, there is yet another drug-related movie in the works with another dangerous animal that you most likely do not want to come across in the wild.

According to Daily Mail, the production company behind "Sharknado" is set to release "Attack of the Meth Gator" later this year. Yes, first a bear on cocaine, now we are getting a movie about a gator on meth.

This got me thinking if someone was to make one of these types of movies in Maine, what would it be?

The first thing that came to my mind was "Marijuana Moose."  Imagine either a really mellow moose, or worse, a paranoid moose running around in Maine.

Now, just hear me out, there are two ways that this movie could go.

1. Mainers are secretly growing in the woods, that is until their crops burned down. An unexpected moose shows up and gets surrounded by all the smoke. The moose gets high from all the secondhand smoke and starts running rampage in the forests and roads of Maine.

2. A group of friends (or lovers) goes camping in Maine. Drinks and food were not the only things that they brought with them, an ounce of marijuana was also hiding in their bags. That is until a moose wanders by while they are out for a walk and eats all their weed.

Now, I know that just eating raw weed doesn't have the same effects as smoking it, but apparently, neither does eating a brick of cocaine. If "Cocaine Bear" can do it, then "Marijuana Moose" can too.

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