Airbnb has disrupted the hospitality industry since its first booking in 2008.


It lets anyone become verified hosts and list their space as a temporary rental. Travelers now have more options for lodging than ever before. And boy do they want to travel!

Maine has hundreds of Airbnb listings ranging from modest tent sites to massive mansions with more amenities than a swanky hotel.

Hosts around the state are bringing in extra income by listing their spare room or an entire home for rent on Airbnb. Even the most humble of listings can fetch $60-$80 a night, which is a welcome extra stack of cash for anyone. But some rentals are thousands a night. It just depends on what you have and what you want.

Friends listed their entire Portland condo for rent on Airbnb and were overwhelmed with the response.

They had over 30 inquiries in the first week of the listing, despite what they thought to be a very high listing price. They were lucky to have another place to stay close by, so renting the place and relocating for a few days was (kind of) easy.

Would you ever list a spare room or your entire place on Airbnb?

Or does the idea totally weird you out? What if you could make enough money to cover half or all of your mortgage in just a few days?



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