During a 10-hour stand-off in Cornish, K-9 Günther was stabbed twice.

Günther is six years old and his handler is York Police Sergeant Jon Rogers. Sgt. Rogers was by his side. He told WGME 13,

My job at that point was trying to keep Gunther as safe as I possibly can.

The good news is that Günther is recovering nicely.

Police say the suspect, who they thought was unarmed at first, stabbed Günther in two of his legs. Sgt. Rogers pulled him to safety, got him into his cruiser, and bandaged him up. He was rushed to a veterinarian and is doing very well in his recovery.

The good news for Günther is that after the first few days of going slow, the biggest problem was keeping him from hurting himself. According to Sgt. Rogers, his drive is so high and he just wants to work all the time.  Günther was super lucky because no ligaments or any major muscles were cut. His recovery time is a lot faster and he should be back on the job the first week of December.

York County Sheriff's Office - Maine Facebook
York County Sheriff's Office - Maine Facebook

The York County Sheriff's office says that the suspect will be looking at more charges because of the assault on Günther. One of the comments on Günther's recovery Facebook post asked if the attack on Günther is the equivalent of assaulting an officer. There was no answer from the York County Police Department, but someone else said that yes it was a felony. I'm all for it.

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