For years, Big Mac fans have wished that McDonald's would bottle their delicious special sauce that makes a Big Mac the iconic burger that it is. Well on January 26, that wish will come true.

To celebrate the introduction of two new versions of the Big Mac, the larger Grand Mac and the smaller Mac Jr., 10,000 bottles of the Big Mac special sauce will be given away nationwide, including at participating McDonald's in Maine. First come first serve.

You can't just walk up and grab a bottle though. You have to do a little work for the Holy Grail of sauces. It's easy though. Just say 'There's a Big Mac for that' at the designated 'sauce spot' to get your bottle.

If you manage to score a bottle, here's a pro tip. Special sauce needs to be refrigerated, so don't put it in your car and then forget about it for a week.

McDonald's on St. John Street in Portland will be giving away the sauce from 4 to 6PM on Thursday, January 26 while supplies last for those that know the special phrase. Lucky for you, you're ready to go now.

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