There's quite the story behind the Freeport McDonald's...

Sit down kids for the tale of the fancy Freeport McDonald's....turn on the way back machine!

According to Atlas Obscura, it was back in 1984 and McDonald's wanted to have a place in Freeport. But, there were so many design restrictions to keeping the look of the town historic that they said NO golden arches!

So, they decided to remodel an existing home. That McDonald's is the Gore House, built by a wealthy local merchant - William Gore around 1850. Freeport gave McDonald's a hard time, but eventually let them open and they did in December of 1984.

They did such a great job at making this literal McMansion The Freeport Historical Society calls it a ix of Greek Revival and Italianate architecture. If you are visiting from out of state, you might think its' just another local super nice tavern (after all, there is a super nice tavern right across the street!)

I've been to this McDonald's but only in the drive thru. I really should soak up some culture and have my Big Mac and Coke on the inside!

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