Being a tourist in Portland is not just for those 'from away' anymore! There are so many fun activities popping up in town all the time, and living here we are lucky to go try them. Ain't nothing wrong with being a tourist in your own backyard. So, how does bicycling on Casco Bay sound? Impossible? Not anymore.

Check out Maine's first and only human powered waterfront cruise, Maine BayCycle. This vessel only runs if you pedal like a bicycle at your seat. The boat only sits 10, with a bench for 4 others, and runs the length of Casco Bay. Good workout and good fun! You are able to rent the boat for private parties, or for a date. It is BYOB, only wine and beer. Tickets for a seat are $35, and the more the merrier. And, you pedal how hard you want to, or not so much. Would you want to try this self operated cruise this summer?

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