I'm making an official declaration. Carbs don't count in 2020. Eat up. Enjoy what you can in this dumpster fire of a year.

At this point, my Facebook feed just wants to tempt me with cheesy carb-y deliciousness. Fairgrounds Pizza & Pub does it once again with their latest mind-blowing pie that may add a notch or two to that belt.

First, I have to say, I seriously want to know what's in the water in Cornish because the things they come up at Fairgrounds with are insane, in the best way possible. You name the food and I'm pretty sure they've thrown it on a pizza at one point or another.

Can't decide on dinner? Pizza? Ravioli? Tortellini? Why not all three?

Introducing their ravioli and tricolor tortellini pizza. It's exactly that. Pizza topped with cheese-filled pasta.

So, eat up! I mean, it's time to fatten up for winter anyway, right?

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