You may have realized it's the day before Halloween and you're stuck without a costume. All the seasonal racks at the store are picked clean and they're already stocking for Christmas. But don't fret! There's always Craigslist to turn to, and you can bet your neighbors will pull through with a last-minute, unique-as-they-come costumes for cheap (and I mean CHEAP).

Here are some gems available now on Maine's Craigslist:

The Orange Head Costume


Terrifying and beautiful, isn't it? Why would your cute little kid object to dressing in his favorite fruit with a human face photoshopped onto it?!

Meta Scary Clown


Here's a classic costume with a twist: what's scarier than a classic scary clown *wearing his own face* on a t-shirt?

Red Hot Dog


If clowns aren't quite your thing, you could always opt for this hot dog costume. It's certainly a scary one for vegans! We can even call it a red hot dog, if you want to make it Maine topical - just be aware of where that bottom weiner end settles on your son's body. We wouldn't want this to be scarring in more ways than one.

Alexander Hamilton


Hamilton the Musical is still a pretty popular spectacle, or if you just wanna call this a "founding father" costume you could start some interesting political arguments with your kid as the conversation starter.

Wet T-shirt Contest


Once youre kid is set, you have to shop for yourself! This wet t-shirt contest costumer is definitely one I haven't seen on the... er, *racks* before, and lucky for you, the packaging says it's great for boys too! All the fun of a wet t-shirt contest (how did these used to be a thing?!) with none of the cold dripping wetness. Who could possibly have a problem with that?

Don't worry, there are still a handful of other costumes on Craigslist for under $10 - but act fast! Halloween is coming quickly, and you don't want to be caught picking these up for any other reason than the current holiday (though on Craigslist, there is truly no judgment year-round).