I usually buy the Hannaford brand bottled water in the 24-pack because we have a lot of thirsty people in the house. I also live in a second floor apartment, so sometimes I'm not in the mood to carry 25 pounds of water up a long flight of stairs. When that happens, I get a 12-pack of Nature's Place water, because there are no 12-packs of Hannaford brand bottled water.

When I opened a bottle of Nature's Place for the first time, I was surprised that it was filled to the absolute brim of the bottle. The slightest move and it would spill. I thought it was a fluke. A filling machine just went a little too far on one of the bottles. Nope.

Ever single bottle of Nature's Spring I bought has been filled right to the very top. Just look at this picture of a freshly opened bottle.

Townsquare Media
Townsquare Media

The water level actually sits ABOVE the lip of the bottle and rests there on pure surface tension. One squeeze, one slight bump or tip, and it will run down the sides.

Lori noticed her bottles are filled just as much, so this isn't just a random thing.

Lori decided to have fun with it this morning by re-enacting that scene from Jurassic Park while making the sounds from the Jaws theme, because she's weird like that.


Are we the only ones who have their bottles filled this much?

While I appreciate Nature's Place trying to give us the most they can for our money, could you guys back it down just a drop or two? Thanks!

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