Tourist traffic always skyrockets in the summer in Maine, but this holiday weekend is expected to be insanely bad. Officials predict record numbers of cars on the road Friday and Saturday, with Equally bad return traffic on Monday.

As someone who lives in Maine, I kind of love weekending in Massachusetts and flying by all the backed up traffic on the other side of the highway as I leave, when everyone is flooding into Maine, and as I return, when everyone is trudging back home. This time, going against traffic won't save you. Traffic is expected to be horribly congested going both ways, according to WGME. That's right, northbound AND southbound.

Police patrols will be picking up to match the increase too. Heavy traffic calls for more vigilant traffic enforcement, and WGMA reports that the bureau has given federal highway safety money to 37 different Maine police departments for increased patrols over the weekend.

Whether you're coming, going, or staying, be safe and travel wisely!


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