Here's a wasn't Maine.


It's not California or New York, like you might's




What? Their median household income was $76,260, almost 30% more than the national average of $59,039, according to the Census.

Holy cow! So how did Maine do...well...let just say that we should all be speaking with a southern accent. According to the Washington Post:

 ...the lowest-earning states are all clustered in the South, except for Maine. They include Mississippi ($41,099), along with Louisiana ($42,196), West Virginia ($44,354), Kentucky ($45,369), Arkansas ($45,907), New Mexico ($48,451) and then Maine ($50,856).


WAPO.ST/Wonkblog Source: US Census
WAPO.ST/Wonkblog Source: US Census


Maine ranks 44th. Sigh. NH, by the way, has made the top 5 richest states list for the past decade. They have one of the lowest poverty rates too. Gee, I should stop making fun of our neighbors to the south.


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