I should start off by saying that I’ve never been great at doing my makeup. There are so many makeup tutorials out there thanks to social media and YouTube.

Granted I don’t watch any makeup tutorials to better my makeup skills, but there is one tutorial that I would watch on repeat.

According to WMUR Channel 9, Lila, a young New Englander from York, Maine, won the $10,000 prize on AFV for her makeup tutorial on Sunday night.

I swear this little girl's makeup skills are a thousand times better than mine! She knows her makeup and is absolutely adorable while applying it. WMUR writes that Lila had actually recorded the video herself. You can watch Lila’s video here.

The best part is when she realizes “that’s a lot” when applying lipstick and chooses to wipe it off. I know the struggle of accidentally putting too much makeup on, whether lipstick or when I attempt to use eyeliner and end up smearing it everywhere trying to remove some and fix it up.

I could literally watch Lila give a makeup tutorial all day and would love for her and her family to post some online for us to watch.

I’m not the only one that loved Lila’s video, as I’ve mentioned above, this young New Englander won herself $10,000 on AFV. We will get to see this video again in action on Sunday, May 15th as Lila’s video is up to win $100,000.

$10,000 is a lot of money, I’m sure she could buy a lot more makeup with that (or really anything she wants), but imagine how amazing it would be for this local girl to get the big $100,000 on Sunday night.

All I know is that we will probably see more of Lila throughout the years as a future beauty influencer.

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