This shipwreck in Hampden, Maine has gotten attention recently thanks to a very enthusiastic YouTuber.

Jeremy T. Grant via YouTube

The Roamer is a 57-foot fishing boat that became grounded along the west bank of the Penobscot River in Hampden in 2011 after a line got tangled in its propeller. Efforts to refloat to boat were unsuccessful and the Maine Department of Environmental Protection says it posed no threat, so it has sat grounded for 8 years as time has taken its toll on the Roamer.

Jeremy T. Grant shot video of the wreck on Monday and posted it to his YouTube channel showing aerial views of the wreck and describing the history of how this fishing boat ended up on the banks of the Penobscot. He's pretty good too. He could be on one of those Discovery channels even though he is a little over the top.

If you want to see this wreck for yourself, it's right off Route 9 in Hampden near Waterfront Marine. Hit the button below to open up Google Maps for directions.

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