We all know them... We all love them.

"Crab rangoons" is one of those words you say and immediately people are sighing, moaning, or just simply freaking out over wanting them. You seriously can not utter those two words without getting a reaction from someone.

It's just human nature. People freaking LOVE crab rangoons.

I am no exception, they very well may be one of my top three favorite foods of all time. (Chicken parmesan is my No. 1, not that you asked). I even go into Market Basket and grab a box of rangoons to-go from their hot food area just to get my fix even when I'm grocery shopping.

When a food is this loved, there are usually a lot of places to get them to keep the people happy. But with so many choices, how do you know where to go for the best ones?

Best Crab Rangoons in Maine

I am here to help.

Actually, our audience helped a lot. We asked the community on Facebook where their favorite place is to get crab rangoons and the answers immediately started pouring in; I am talking HUNDREDS of responses.

Mainers must love their crab rangoons and Chinese food because not only did our post blow up but if you Google these restaurants, each spot has hundreds of reviews.

Who wouldn't love a crispy wonton filled with warm, creamy goodness? Add some sweet n' sour sauce and we are talking about a spiritual experience. My belly is rumbling as I type.

There are SO many Chinese restaurants in our state but this list narrows down Mainer's all-time favorite places to get crab rangoons.

Did your favorite spot make the list?

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